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Monday, February 28, 2005
TV Czars: Saving Private Ryan Not Indecent!

And we had to watch "Return to Mayberry". Remember how on Veteran's Day a bunch of ABC affiliates refused to air Saving Private Ryan, fearing FCC fines for the violence and profanity in the film? Turns out that they needn't have worried. The Official National Movie Reviewer has now spoken:
"This film is a critically acclaimed artwork that tells a gritty story — one of bloody battles and supreme heroism," FCC chairman Michael Powell said in a statement. "The horror of war and the enormous personal sacrifice it draws on cannot be painted in airy pastels."
Less gritty stories are still fair game for FCC fines, however -- at least if they have dirty language: "...the FCC said its indecency and profanity guidelines were not applicable to violent programming."

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