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Friday, March 04, 2005
High School Students Suspended for a Drug: Caffeine

One of the Detroit-area students apparently purchased online a caffeine syrup -- used for adding a caffeine jolt to other foods or drinks -- and brought a small amount of it to school, and the other student sipped it. They were planning a video game marathon and wanted to stay awake, according to this report. I think that we'll see more stories about juveniles and high-caffeine substances, and I wouldn't be surprised if there is a regulatory response.

It's unlikely, however, that coffee and other products that are not marketed for high caffeine will be subjected to controls, even age-based restrictions, in the near future. Here's an article that notes the appeal of caffeinated drinks to law students, all-night dance club patrons, and their teenage siblings.

Speaking of caffeine, I had a wonderful cup of coffee in this fine establishment today. If Vice Squad concerned private policies instead of public policies towards vicious activities, this cafe' would be highly recommended.

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