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Thursday, March 17, 2005
Lazy Link-Based Post

Well it is finals week here at Vice Squad central and that means some neglect of blogging duties. Fortunately, our virtual comrades are more reliable:

(1) Libby at Last One Speaks highlights two marijuana-related prosecutions. One of the incidents features, as an arrestee, a middle-aged former prosecutor; the second is an 18-year old kid who was selling a batch of pot brownies. Which of these defendants is likely to do some serious time? Hint: Not the one who simultaneously was charged with drunk driving and possessing a loaded firearm while intoxicated.

(2) Ken at Crim Law via CrimProf Blog via Objective Justice points us to this tale of a former judge who was ordered to stay off the sauce while serving his 90-day home confinement for fixing traffic tickets. He caught a cold, took some Nyquil and went to bed. A surprise visit from a probation officer led to detection of the alcohol from the cold medicine, and a week of non-home confinement. (I should mention that the ex-judge had been warned to notify the authorities in advance of any cold-medicine-taking, which he failed to do.)

(3) Mark Kleiman brings us up to date on ayahuasca; somehow the feds were able to take time off from their porn crackdown (hat tip to Radley at The Agitator) to try to convince the Supreme Court to allow them to suppress the sacramental use of tea containing the South American hallucinogen (i.e., ayahuasca, silly).

(4) Lawrence at DUI Blog explains why even people who don't care about drunk driving should care -- I think that his point applies to vice policy more generally.

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