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Tuesday, March 01, 2005
Leaving No Channel Uncensored

Yesterday the FCC said that Saving Private Ryan was hunky dory, even before 10PM. But what if they had supported the many complainants and decided the other way? Then, prime time airing of Saving Private Ryan (or other movies with 'similar' amounts of profanity) would be restricted to satellite or cable stations.

But Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska doesn't think that there should be different standards for satellite or cable stations, even though folks have to do more than simply own a TV set to see programming offered over cable or satellite. If he has his way, prime time, even on cable, will be pure as the driven Alaskan snow. And as inviting, too.

The linked story was brought to my attention by co-blogger and primo research assistant Ryan Monarch. Ryan is off to Los Angeles later this week, to -- I am not making this up -- appear on a game show. Good luck, Ryan!

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