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Wednesday, March 30, 2005
More on the British Cannabis Re-Classification

Well, Vice Squad left it out of the previous post, but now that pot has been re-classified in Britain for more than one year, we might ask if the policy reform has had a large effect upon usage. One possibility is that the re-classification itself is not much of a reform, because it did not eliminate the potential of arrest for marijuana possession. At any rate, the bottom line seems to be no major shifts in usage, while one Guardian columnist claims that the re-classification has made pot less attractive:
Matthew Atha, director of the Independent Drugs Monitoring Unit, noted that the change in the law had had no effect at all. In fact, though, since the increase in regular users dropped to 0.5% last year, down from 45% in 1998, I'd say the legislation has had a very marked impact. It has made everyone lose interest. You might just as well have dressed this drug up in a sailor suit and sent it on tour with Geri Halliwell. It just isn't cool anymore.

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