Vice Squad
Saturday, March 19, 2005
Once and Future Vice Policy Blogging

Somehow Vice Squad's 18-month mark slipped our notice yesterday, despite the heavy coverage of the event in all the leading newspapers. Blogger has lost count, but by my reckoning, this post is number 1,050, so we passed into quadruple digits in mid-February. (Yes, over 18 months, that's about 1.94 vice policy posts per day -- when I write it like that it doesn't really sound like this blogging gig has been steeped in productivity.) With my Regulation of Vice class starting at the end of March, I imagine that we will soldier on at our customary glacial pace for the next few months, if all goes well.

In the shorter term, however, Vice is Elsewhere, as spring break in Chicago necessitates a brief sojourn. Sporadic blogging, I am afraid, for the next 5 days or so -- maybe even fewer than 1.94 posts per day. Meanwhile, the fine folks linked on the sidebar will more than satisfy the vice policy appetites of all but the most committed addicts.

Previous Vice Squad milestone posts: Twelve months; six months; day one.


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