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Sunday, March 06, 2005
Recent US Prostitution Arrests

In some benighted countries, prostitution is legal; this is the case in such backwaters as Germany, Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, parts of Nevada, and so on. But in the more advanced regions of the US, we have learned that arresting many of our friends and neighbors is the appropriate way to regulate prostitution. In recent days, we have managed to nab...

five folks in Naples, Florida; twenty-four folks in Longview, Texas; eight folks in Sanford, Florida; two folks in Charlotte, North Carolina; eleven folks in Raleigh, North Carolina; twelve folks in Paramus, New Jersey; five folks in Hamilton, Ohio; and so on. Month after month after month.

Note: In Canada and the UK, prostitution per se is legal, but solicitation and related activities remain criminalised.

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