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Friday, April 15, 2005
Drinking Prompts Smoking...

...and not only because when you are drinking you see other people smoking and such "cues" make you desire a cigarette. It looks as if the consumption of alcohol itself increases the craving for tobacco among smokers, and the craving increases with the amount of alcohol consumed. This effect applies to light smokers as well as to heavy smokers. Here's an excerpt from this article in Medical News Today:
"Smoking urge ratings were higher after consuming four versus two alcohol drinks, and increases were not observed after consuming a placebo beverage," said [University of Chicago professor Andrea C. ] King. "These findings were observed in a nonsmoking environment, which may indicate that alcohol directly produced these effects and they were not due to direct smoking cues triggering cigarette craving. In other words," she added, "the greater the alcohol consumption, the greater the urge to smoke."
Vice Squad twice noted alcohol and tobacco complementarities back on February 22.

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