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Friday, April 29, 2005
Drug Czar Speaks on the Milford High Informant Case

Somehow I hadn't seen this before. The outrageous high school sting operation in Ohio apparently has received a hearty endorsement from our nation's Drug Czar. According to this article, the Drug Czar's reaction was: "I don't think there's any alternative. We've had 30 years of watching young people suffer. ... You can break the cycle. You don't have to watch kids die." No alternative? But hold it, isn't such a sting fairly rare? Doesn't that suggest that almost every education superintendent and high school principal finds an alternative? Why is the Drug Czar so unimaginative?

The Czar hasn't convinced everyone. The same article offers a slightly different reaction from a sensible citizen:
"There is no question drugs have no place in our school system, however, do they realize what message they are sending with such outlandish action? Every new student entering any school in Greater Cincinnati will be automatically labeled a narc and suffer the repercussions. What kind of Gestapo tactics are being employed to 'nab' a paltry amount of drugs? What kind of grandstanding nonsense should we put up with, leading handcuffed students out of school in front of TV cameras? Are their lives going to be sacrificed to create some sort of scare tactic?''

Paul Schwan, 56, Fairfield

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