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Tuesday, April 05, 2005
India's Dancing Girls Protest Bar Closures

Dance bars in the western Indian state of Maharashtra have been closed by the government. The claim is that the bars double as fronts for prostitution, and concerns were also expressed that young men spend too much money there. The government move is being countered with protests:
Hundreds of dancing girls and bar owners took to the streets yesterday to demonstrate against a decision to close the infamous dance bars and clubs of Maharashtra in west India. Crowds of colourfully dressed women and vociferous bar managers swamped the roads in an attempt to register their discontent with a move which they claim is discriminatory and incompatible with the state's reputation as a haven for hedonistic partying.
Speaking of vice-related protests in Maharashtra, the tea traders intend a one-day strike on Wednesday aimed at the relatively high state value-added tax on tea. Tea, of course, is a major commodity in India and Maharashtra.

Apologies for the unintended and unannounced blogging break.

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