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Saturday, April 16, 2005
Internet Sources on Drug Policy

This time of year my students are choosing term paper topics, so I try to point them in the direction of some useful vice-policy-relevant websites. (Not that all of my students aren't lightyears ahead of me when it comes to searching the web.) In the next paragraph are some of the drug policy sites (not counting blogs) that I suggest -- even if no one else finds this useful, putting them in a Vice Squad post will make it easier for me to track down the links in the future. Of course, these handful of links can only be a drop in the bucket, but please e-mail me if one of your own favorite sites is missing.

The Drug Policy Alliance has a premier drug policy site at The Alliance generally favors liberalization of drug laws. Another excellent reform-oriented site is (Common Sense for Drug Policy). On-line libraries of drug policy publications can be accessed at The US government'’s National Institute on Drug Abuse maintains a first-rate site at You can also subscribe to their free semi-monthly newsletter, the NIDA Notes Newsletter. Information on European drug issues can be found at the official EU drug policy site,; for Dutch drug policy, try looking at the Trimbos-instituut, British drug issues can be examined from the Home Office perspective at, and the Guardian newspaper provides extensive coverage of drugs policy at,2759,178206,00.html. (The Guardian is strong on other vice, too: see, e.g.,,7368,358442,00.html,,15248,1331581,00.html, and,2759,180818,00.html.) Prevention of drug and alcohol abuse is the focus of a US government-affiliated site at

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