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Wednesday, April 06, 2005
Lucrative Undercover Work in High Schools

Are you a recent college graduate with a degree in criminal justice? Then after only three weeks of training, you might be ready to infiltrate high schools to try to get high school students and their friends to sell you drugs. Then, you will take off, while the kids will be arrested; if all goes well, your former school chums will spend years in prison thanks to your testimony! And you can earn $40,000 per year! Do well by doing good!

The unsavoury story of the now 17 current and former Ohio high school students arrested following such an undercover operation was noted yesterday by D'Alliance. The information on how to become a private undercover investigator working in a high school comes from this story in the online version of the Cincinnati Enquirer. The company that provided the undercover agent was hired by the district superintendent for $60,000. Local prosecutors and the school principal, apparently, didn't even know about the eight-month operation. Soon we will see if three weeks of training is enough to ensure that informants don't engage in entrapment, and all-in-all conduct themselves in a manner that will not jeopardize the ensuing cases.

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