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Tuesday, April 05, 2005
More on Indian Obscenity Policing

The closing of dance bars in the state of Maharashtra apparently has not yet included such bars in Mumbai (Bombay), which is located in Maharashtra. But one suspects that the tolerance will not last long, as there's a new cop in town. Since January, Sanjay Aparanti, a medical doctor, has been Deputy Commissioner of Police (Enforcement) in Mumbai, and he is on a crusade: 'I have decided Mumbai must be rid of obscenity in all walks of life.' Oh dear. So far it looks as if the good doctor has taken particular aim at outdoor advertising and television broadcasting that does not meet his less-than-precise standards. What is this 'obscenity in all walks of life' that must be stamped out? 'Advertisements that show female models with scanty clothes; film promos full of vulgarity; music albums and remix videos full of vulgarity; film posters full of obscenity; some newspapers regularly carry porn material and I have served them notices too.'

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