Vice Squad
Friday, April 08, 2005
Time On Their Hands in Kansas

This week saw the initiation of a 15-person grand jury in Saline County, Kansas, to determine if indictments for peddling obscenity should be brought against two adult businesses. Members of the jury will get to watch some pornographic movies and look over various sex toys. The jury meeting could last up to ninety days. Vice Squad has despaired over this activity in the past.

In neighboring Dickinson county, the $45,000 they spent on a similar jury came to naught when the jury's indictments were thrown out. But the Dickinson County Attorney is more eager to pour resources into anti-obscenity enforcement than is his Saline County counterpart, so he brought his own misdemeanor indictments against the Lion's Den Adult Superstore. What is that old saying about good money after bad?

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