Vice Squad
Monday, April 25, 2005
Youth and Games

The youthful Vice Squad member and research assistant, Ryan Monarch, brings us word of the video game "Narc." Unlike real life, in Narc, the police officer might be corrupt, and illicit drug use might have some benefits. For this offense, Narc has been banned in -- well, just guess. Hint: It's not Afghanistan, or Iraq (at least not yet -- or maybe, at least I haven't learned of those bans yet.) Give up? OK, it's Australia (really), which I understand is also thinking of banning alcohol.

Are you worried what fate holds for someone who joins Vice Squad while still a youth? See for yourself this Thursday, April 28, when Ryan appears on Wheel of Fortune. (Nope, I am not making this part up, either.) In Chicago, I have been reliably informed, it airs at 6:30PM CDT.

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