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Monday, May 16, 2005
Alcohol Treatments Spreading Like...

...Kudzu. Yes, by taking a concentrated kudzu extract, heavy drinkers cut back their consumption, relative to those who took the placebo. They still drank, but somewhat less: "Study author Dr. Scott E. Lukas of McLean Hospital and Harvard Medical Center in Massachusetts explained that during the experiment, people drank their first beer right away, but were less likely to want more beer if they had taken kudzu the previous week."

I was mildly surprised at today's Supreme Court decision in the Internet Wine case. Probably not happily surprised -- even though I think that mail-order sales of wine direct to households should be legal -- as I am concerned about the eventual impact upon free trade or interstate commerce when these principles are used to trump the vice policy of individual states. But first I'll read the opinions, available here.

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