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Wednesday, May 18, 2005
Chronic Lying

I Googled the above-referenced phrase today expecting to see Drug Czar John Walters' name pop up immediately. It didn't, and I found out why. A mental health website informed me that, medically speaking, people who "lie for a living" are not technically "chronic liars". I'm going to give Mr. Walters the benefit of the doubt and assume that he constantly lies in order to maintain his position of power within the federal government, rather just for the sake of lying.

Take for example his recent Op/Ed piece in USA Today, cleverly titled "Marijuana Policy Just Right." In his article, Walters notes that it's perfectly fine that marijuana arrests have increased so dramatically, given the increase in use over the past decade. Yet, the Office of National Drug Control Policy states that "since 1998, current estimates of past month use of marijuana have remained relatively unchanged." When I looked at the ONDCP charts of past-month marijuana use, it seems like this trend actually dates back to about 1994. Meanwhile, arrests for marijuana-related offenses continue to rise, and according to NORML, now greatly exceed usage rates. Further, the price of marijuana has fallen steadily since 1993, despite increased arrests.

Walters goes on to tell readers that marijuana potency has "doubled in the last ten years", yet according to the government's own Potency Monitoring Project at the University of Mississippi, the potency of seized marijuana has increased very little since 1981.

Just keep talking Mr. Walters - if you say something often enough, it must be true. Never mind all of the lives you ruin in pursuit of your truth.

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