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Tuesday, May 31, 2005
Publicity Isn't Always a Good Thing

In April Vice Squad noted a detailed New York Post report on popular poker clubs in New York City. The publicity turned out to be a mixed blessing: two of the largest (presumably) clubs were raided late last week. The patrons had to give their names and (again, presumably) their chips to the police, but they were not arrested, as they had broken no laws. Employees and operators were less fortunate, however, as this article from the New York Daily News relates:
Vice cops raided the gambling parlor at 200 W. 72nd St. around 11 p.m [last Thursday night]. At almost the exact moment, more cops executed a search warrant at the Play Station at 6 W. 14th St., police said.

Cops seized about $100,000, along with a small amount of marijuana, and arrested 39 dealers, runners and managers. The clubs were owned by many of the same people, police said.

The suspects were charged with promoting gambling and possession of gambling devices, misdemeanors punishable by up to a year in jail.

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