Vice Squad
Wednesday, June 15, 2005
The Final Victory

Just when Vice Squad is (was?) about to give up, the victory in the War on Drugs is apparently at hand. We may be sorry it didn't take place in the homeland of the world's leading warrior, but I, for one, am happy it's finally over. According to (in Russian) for several days now, the Japanese customs authorities have been holding a Russian freighter "Valery Kuz'min" in the port of Minamata. The police took the passports and cell phones of the 26-person crew and have confined the sailors to the ship, which is being guarded by about 50 policemen. The investigation is ongoing. All this started on June 10 when the customs officals discovered a suspicious bag in the ship's toilet. The preliminary analysis has determined that the bag contained almost 300 grams of marijuana. That's right, these must have been the last 300 grams that had to be apprehended for the complete and final Victory. (No wonder nothing was found in those school lockers in Pennsylvania.) The Russians claim they have no idea how the bag got onto the ship. But I don't care. I am happy Vice Squad and I have lived to see the day. As for all of this happening in Japan, I don't mind too much. Our homeland has had it's share of glory in the War on Drugs, for example, in the recent medicinal marijuana decision. On to glorious victories in our numerous other Wars! Cheers.

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