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Wednesday, June 01, 2005
Football and Alcohol

European-style football, that is. Turns out that some ancient version of kickball is quite popular in other parts of the world, including Scotland, where two of the perennial powerhouses are Glasgow-based Celtic and Rangers. (Together, these teams are known as the "Old Firm.") Many European kickball teams have corporate sponsorships, and the corporations are prominently featured on the teams' uniforms. Further, many kids (and even some adults) enjoy wearing replica jerseys from their favorite teams. Celtic and Rangers are sponsored by Carling, a beer brand owned by Coors. OK, if you are still with me on this, the problem is that not all parents are keen on having their youngsters run around with Carling adverts festooned on their replica kit. Especially Muslim parents. Now the Old Firm has responded, by offering a limited supply of replica jerseys sans beer company advertising.

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