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Saturday, July 30, 2005
More Iraqi Intolerance of Alcohol

There are few airports in which one might be said to 'need a drink' more than in Baghdad International -- a little liquid courage before taking that dangerous road from the airport into the city might be almost a requirement. (A celebratory draught for those headed out who survived the road might also be called for.) But post-Saddam Iraq is not a hospitable place for alcohol sellers. The lack of hospitality is slated to expand to Baghdad International: "Iraq's transportation minister, a Shiite Muslim, has ordered a ban on alcohol sales at Baghdad International Airport, declaring that the facility is "a holy and revered" piece of Iraq, a spokesman said Friday." Apparently the minister noticed the hawking of alcohol when a recent trip took him to the airport -- and as Iraq's transportation system is otherwise, more-or-less problem-free, he found the time to send a letter ordering that the airport alcohol sales stop. The letter was just received on Thursday, and so far the duty-free shop is not complying.

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