Vice Squad
Monday, August 15, 2005
Stay Well Clear

My most recent paper (and its abstract) is now available via SSRN, here. The paper presents the philosophical underpinning, so to speak, of the vice policy book that I am working on. The loyal Vice Squad reader should find the premise familiar. Basically, it takes fifty pages for me to argue that vice policy should work pretty well if folks are rational in their vice-related decisions, and it should work pretty well, too, when lots of folks have addiction or self-control problems with vice consumption. Policies that are ruled out by these considerations include prohibition of possession of personal use quantities of drugs, and unfettered market access to cocaine and heroin.

The (pretentious?) title is "From Harm to Robustness: A Principled Approach to Vice Regulation." It's still a draft, so comments and criticisms are particularly welcome.


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