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Monday, October 24, 2005
Apostate Cheats the Gallows

Apparently standards have fallen to such a point that one can utter any heresy and not fear serious consequences. An Afghan court has imposed a slap on the wrist, a mere two-year jail sentence, to blasphemous magazine editor Ali Mohaqiq Nasab. This piddling sentence will be appealed, and perhaps the prosecutor's wise suggestion, that the death penalty is warranted, will receive due consideration at that stage. Mr. Nasab, you see, is the editor of a magazine that "had run two articles in its latest issue about apostasy that violated the law by saying that while apostasy was taboo, it was not a crime under Islam." Fortunately, it appears as if the authorities were able to remove copies of the offending issue of Women's Rights magazine from the newsstands.

The most recent blasphemy prosecution in the United States, which ended in dropped charges, took place in Pennsylvania in 1971.

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