Vice Squad
Monday, February 20, 2006
Truck-Stop Prostitution

Police near Carlisle, Pennsylvania set up a prostitution sting last Friday. A female undercover officer walked through the truck stop, and believe it or not, she was (allegedly) propositioned. Five men were arrested without incident, but a sixth man resisted. He tried to drive off, and some officers were thrown from the truck. No one was badly hurt, fortunately.

But someone could have been killed. How many victims do we need before we look to make truck stop prostitution safe? Along I-40, at least 14 prostitutes have been murdered in recent years -- a break in the case last week might lead to the crimes being solved. Are we so worried that someone might buy or sell sex that we are willing to tolerate death after death without looking for a way to make commercial sex safer?

The Seattle area "Green River serial killer" murdered at least 48 women. His chilling statement includes his rationale for choosing to target prostitutes: "I also picked prostitutes as victims because they were easy to pick up without being noticed. I knew they would not be reported missing right away, and might never be reported missing. I picked prostitutes because I thought that I could kill as many of them as I wanted without getting caught." [The statement is available from a sidebar here.]


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