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Saturday, October 07, 2006
One Difference Between Britain and the US

From this story in the October 8 Observer:
The BBC came to the defence of its star presenter Graham Norton last night, after he admitted that he had taken 'loads of drugs' and that he had really enjoyed taking ecstasy.
Mr. Norton didn't condemn his previous drug use nor suggest that he was led to it by something beyond his control, such as a personal crisis or addiction stemming from prescribed medications. And he remains employed by the TV-taxpayer-funded BBC.

The head of the independent drug policy center DrugScope is quoted in the article, speaking sensibly:
Martin Barnes, chief executive of DrugScope, said: 'It would be naive to deny that people use drugs because they enjoy them but there are risks and many who use drugs do come to harm. It is reasonable to ask that celebrities recognise a responsibility - that for many people there is a downside to drug use.'
Addendum: One more difference between Britain and the US: paying for misused apostrophes would bankrupt the former colonies.

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