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Wednesday, January 10, 2007
Australian Ecstasy Use

Australia leads the world in the consumption of ecstasy, according to this article. (Thanks for the pointer from the Alcohol and Drugs History Society.) Naturally, the widespread ecstasy use is causing some concern. What it isn't causing, however, is an over-the-top police response. Indeed, undercover officers stay away from raves:
Questioned on the use of undercover officers at rave parties and nightclubs, Mr Overland said police no longer went into these premises to make drug arrests. "We have found from past experience they can be quite volatile and doing that can actually cause more problems than it solves."
What, an accounting of the relative costs and benefits matters in selecting among anti-drug policing strategies? Once such an approach takes hold, there is no telling where it might lead...

PS -- The loyal Vice Squad reader might have noticed that our long national nightmare of Vice Squad dormancy was declared over at the beginning of 2007. Nevertheless, things will be a bit quiet for a week, as we expand our horizons.

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