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Tuesday, January 30, 2007
Manchester City United -- By Casino?

Punters were wrong-footed by the Casino Advisory Panel when longshot Manchester somehow managed to be recommended for the first (and for the foreseeable future, only) super-casino license in Britain. Stoppage time continues, as the final decison still awaits Parliamentary approval, but if the result holds, Blackpool and Greenwich will be relegated. Part of the arsenal backing Manchester's bid is the fact that the area is in need of 'regeneration,' perhaps because of two years of Chelsea dominance. Apparently Manchester is good at regeneration, though one might think that sufficient opportunities to build a good reputation in that arena would be enough to preclude the reputation from being built. The linked article quotes the leader of the Manchester City Council: "Manchester has an unrivalled track record in the delivery of major regeneration schemes so we are confident we have the expertise to deliver a world-class venue, creating thousands of new jobs for local people."

Speaking of arenas, the proposed casino site is just out over the touchline of the City of Manchester Stadium. Speaking of 'regeneration,' variants of the word appear seven times in this BBC article about the response within Manchester to their come-from-behind victory.

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