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Sunday, February 11, 2007
Alcohol Inhalers

Vice Squad tends to be of the mind that there should be legal means available for adults to engage in vice, though those means can be rather constricted. The world (and the US) tends to be less tolerant of adult vice. One of the recent examples is the fate of the alcohol inhaler, a newish device that allows you to consume alcohol without drinking it (or taking it intravenously, for that matter). The machine mixes about half a shot of alcohol with some oxygen, allowing you to inhale the alcohol in about 20 minutes. This is surely one of the least attractive ways to consume alcohol. Nevertheless, despite any demonstration of additional harm relative to imbibed alcohol, jurisdictions have rushed to prohibit the alcohol vaporizer. Wikipedia claims 17 states have already protected the children by enacting a ban. Soon to be 18, perhaps, as South Carolina hopes to join the ban-fest.

Vice Squad first noted the alcohol inhaler on April 4, 2004. A few months later, Suffolk County, New York, became the first US jurisdiction to ban the inhaler, following a spate of no deaths or injuries from alcohol inhalation.

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