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Friday, February 09, 2007
Tracing Alcohol Consumed By Teens

For decades now, identifying serial numbers have been required for all firearms manufactured in (or imported into) the US. Guns recovered after their use in a crime can then be traced back to the store which originally sold them. These traces (which do not represent a random sample of all crime guns) indicate that some firearms dealers are the initial sellers for a disproportionately large number of the traced crime guns. Regulatory scrutiny can be directed at such sellers, to ensure that they are not knowingly supplying criminals.

This general idea is now being applied to underage drinking in Scotland, according to this article in the New Statesman:
As part of a pilot scheme launched on 29 January, alcopops, fizzy wine and other drinks popular with teenagers are being branded with a number specific to their place of sale.

Police in Ayrshire plan to use the codes to trace shopkeepers and adults supplying drink to under-18s.
Some 100 sellers have signed up for the voluntary program, which could be be extended and made mandatory if the trial is deemed a success.

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