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Monday, April 16, 2007
Curses, Flight Cancelled

That is, the flight was cancelled because of cursing. The pilot was heard cursing during a cell-phone conversation prior to what would have been a Northwest Airlines Las Vegas-to-Detroit flight. He also allegedly cursed a passenger who confronted him about his saucy tongue, it seems. Oh my.

Professor Tom Schelling has mentioned that one difference between alcohol and tobacco is that you should be worried if your pilot has been drinking, but not if he has been smoking. Apparently cursing is more like alcohol than tobacco.

(Sorry for being slow -- somehow this story passed me by for a week.)

In other obscenity news, there's another attempt in Congress to try to protect children from sexually-explicit material on the World Wide Web. Now one problem with getting websites to abide by regulations that might shield kids from smut is that many of the questionable sites are located abroad. I can't tell precisely from the report, but it sounds like the idea might be to use implicit government control of ICANN to force even foreign websites to go along with the proposed labelling scheme. If so, this will raise the hackles of foreigners who might well view this as an illegitimate extension of US legal jurisdiction to the rest of the world.

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