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Saturday, April 28, 2007
Diplomatic Initiative Fails

There's a pub in Penzance, in the United Kingdom, with a Peruvian theme. It's called the Peruvian Arms -- did I mention that it has a Peruvian theme? -- and its few hundred years' existence owes itself, at least initially, to the munificence of the silver mines of Peru. So when faced with the prospect of the UK's public smoking ban going into effect on July 1, what choice did the Peruvian Arms have? Naturally, it applied for Peruvian consular status. The Peruvian Ambassador to the Court of St. James subsequently met with the Anglo-Peruvian society, but alas, denied the application, despite a promise that the Peruvian Arms would purchase a llama if the pub were designated a consulate of Peru.

Incidentally, embassies and consulates are exempt from the smoking ban.

Here's a review of Penzance that has some kind words for the Peruvian Arms. And here is a Financial Times article about the effect of the liberalization of controls over British pub opening hours that took place in November, 2005. There doesn't seem to be any evidence that the changes resulted in more alcohol-related violence.

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