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Thursday, April 05, 2007
Vegas and the National Basketball Association

The city of Las Vegas has been interested in becoming a home for an NBA team. The NBA's All-Star game was held in Las Vegas earlier this year, in what was sort of a tryout. Betting on professional (and amateur) sports is legal in Las Vegas, of course, but no bets were accepted on the All-Star hoops game -- the NBA had made a ban on All-Star betting a condition of holding the game in Las Vegas.

The NBA commissioner has said that he would not favor a team in Vegas unless betting on that team's games was not allowed. But it looks as if Las Vegas is not yet willing to concede the point. In a proposal to the NBA, the city suggested that its regulatory structure was sufficient -- or could be made sufficient -- to calm the NBA's fears. According to the linked article, betting on college games involving nearby teams UNLV and the University of Nevada has been legal since 2001.

In an election this Tuesday, "Oscar Goodman, a former mob lawyer and self-proclaimed 'happiest mayor in the world,' breezed to a third term as mayor of Las Vegas."

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