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Wednesday, May 16, 2007
Another "Soft" (?) Addiction: The Internet

Two days ago Vice Squad mentioned Nora Ephron's addiction to a form of Scrabble -- an online form of Scrabble. Via Andrew Sullivan, we learn of the writer Stephen Elliott's experiment with being internet-free for one month -- and more importantly, of the observations and suggestions sparked by Mr. Elliott's experiment. He notes that it took him awhile to break a habit taught by the internet, that of being in throe to "continual bursts of small information," but that eventually, his ability to sustain attention upon a single task or book grew. After the month-long hiatus, Elliott implemented some rules to manage his internet usage: he abandoned his blog, stopped going online from home or on weekends, and limited his internet at work to 1 to 5 PM. Sounds like there's some wisdom in the Elliott approach, but giving up a blog -- well, that is taking things just a bit too far (June 6, 2005), no?

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