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Wednesday, May 02, 2007
Smoking and Gambling....

...they go together like, well, they go together. Every now and then there is a claim that the institution of a public smoking ban hits the indoor gambling business particularly hard -- check out a few of the linked stories from this webpage. Bingo parlors in the UK are among the latest to feel the pressure of public smoking bans: "Annual accounts released yesterday [April 30] reported pre-tax profits for Carlton Clubs was down by 62 per cent on last year, with smokers preferring to stay at home rather than face an evening without the chance to light up." The linked article reports that Carlton's figures indicate that 70 percent of regular bingo players are smokers. At least in the short-run, it appears that those who want to reduce gambling prevalence might want to lobby for smoking bans in casinos and other gambling halls.

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