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Sunday, July 01, 2007
Field Work

Apologies for the pathetic pace of blogging recently. To make amends, I intend -- no, not to blog -- to go to England immediately so that I can view firsthand the effects of today's smoking ban implementation. Here's the Guardian article on the prospect of the ban in heavy smoking Hull. The article provides some choice quotes. Here's a smoker:
"I smoke 100 to 120 cigs a day. The ban will kill us. I like to sit with my mates after work with a pint and a cig. It will be gone. It's a dictatorship. It's worse than Russia."
Here's someone from the National Health Service, not exactly putting to rest those fears of Big Brother and the nanny state:
"People say you've got to die of something, or that it's their right to smoke. I get really irritated by that," says Wendy Richardson, director of public health in Hull. "That's the culture we're trying to change. The NHS has to look at all the deaths and say these are smoking-related deaths. We can avoid this."

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