Vice Squad
Thursday, July 26, 2007
High Profile Vice Revelations

On the way to Tbilisi a week ago Vice Squad had a layover in London, where the dribbling out of confessions of prior illegal use drug use by leading British politicians was in the news. Guardian columnist Zoe Williams said that she wanted to record the complete tally, but that “it was like trawling through a list of first-world-war dead.” She notes how they never really admit to using pot, only to having “tried” it.

Before leaving the good ol’ US of A, a recurring news item there concerned prominent folks who may have “tried” an escort service or two, though certainly not for what you are thinking. Like the British weed smokers, they can’t come right out and just defend their activity, or announce that they have every intention of continuing in their vices. No, they have to pretend that their behavior was a Very Serious Error, though one that should be excused for some reason or other. (Williams points out that for the druggies, they like to point out that they were young, or the times were different then, or the misstep was so long ago as not to be an issue.) But on either side of the Atlantic, even though these prominent folks don’t actually defend their behavior, they also never seem to say how much better off they would have been if only they had been caught in their illegal act, arrested and jailed. The official, punitive approach is fine for those other folks, though.

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