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Thursday, September 06, 2007
Legal Developments in Adult Entertainment

Adult Video has redesigned its website. Two changes stand out, at least for me. First, the website seems to be closer to work-safe. (Do not rely upon this characterization.) Second, the page on legal matters is much improved, with recent news and helpful links to blogs and other commentary.

Speaking of recent news, there are a couple of stories related to what happens to your porn collection if you are in trouble with the criminal law for sex-related matters. First, a 73-year old Oregon man, on probation for a sex offense, violated that probation by possessing porn at his home. So (presumably) to maximize the publicity, the probation officer destroyed the porn collection in public by driving over it in an "8-ton double roller," whatever that is. (You can see a bit of it in the photo accompanying the article.) Second, a man recently released from a prison term imposed for secretly videotaping women has filed a suit to force the police to return his sizable pornographic movie and magazine cache, which had been seized in 2002 as part of the investigation into the videotaping charges. Perhaps he will win, as he is dealing with authorities in Northern California, not Oregon.


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