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Friday, September 14, 2007
Limited Food Compensated By Lack of Amenities

The E-Inn in Bangalore isn't for every traveler. The food (which might be terrific, for all I know) is subject to the constraint of being of the vegetarian persuasion, and to being both locally and organically grown. Perhaps if you are there and want to diminish your appetite for a burger or a pizza, you will have a cigarette. Stop -- no smoking on the premises. If you want to self-medicate the resulting depression, don't even think about having an alcoholic beverage -- those are off-limits, too.

The hotel is designed to be consistent with sharia law. According to this article in the Times of London (thanks to Alcohol and Drugs History Society for the pointer), the demand for sharia-compliant hotels is rising. As always, Vice Squad is happy to see 100 flowers bloom on this score, as long as those who are not interested in operating their hotel along sharia principles are free to do so.

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