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Sunday, September 02, 2007
More on Absinthe's Presence

The loyal Vice Squad reader will recall that an absinthe made from wormwood recently became available for sale on the US market, ending a nearly century-long drought. provides an article that explains the process of getting the absinthe, named lucid (uncapitalized), approved. One of the stumbling blocks concerned labeling; specifically, could lucid call itself “absinthe” on the label? The regulators were wary, because of what they seemed to regard as absinthe’s unsavory past. But they must not have been too wary – the compromise agreed to was to add an adjective, and a French adjective at that. lucid became an "absinthe supérieure" (which also suggests that absinthe is feminine).

Other legal absinthes (or absinthes inférieures?) are likely headed for the US market.

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