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Thursday, October 04, 2007
All the Snus...

....that's fit to print. Yes, the New York Times has joined Vice Squad on the snus bandwagon -- let's hope they catch on to that important story about the smoking ban and British bingo parlours next. Most of the Times article will be familiar to the loyal Vice Squad reader, though I did find some speculation about why snus might be safer than US dip-style chewing tobacco to be of interest: the thought is that it has to do with the fact [I didn't know this, either] that snus is pasteurized, while the American dip is, um, fermented. Just the facts' ma'am. Another fact new to me is that Sweden and snus have gone together for approximately two centuries. My final observation on the Times story is that when someone announces that they 'are not a health fascist,' you should keep your eye on your personal liberties.

Thanks to a friend of Vice Squad for the pointer. And let's hope that the Times puts a full-time reporter on the snus beat.

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