Vice Squad
Tuesday, October 09, 2007
Things Going Better With Coke?

The Caribbean coast of Nicaragua is enjoying economic development thanks to... flotsam:
A combination of law enforcement, geography and ocean currents has washed tonnes of [cocaine], and millions of dollars, into what was one of the Caribbean's most desolate and isolated regions. Villages that once eked an existence on shrimp and red-tinged lobster have been transformed. In place of thatched wooden huts there are brick houses, mansions and satellite dishes.
Most of the coke is thrown overboard by drug runners when they are in danger of apprehension. Others then turn up at the villages along the shore and pay a finder's fee: "Colombian traffickers and Nicaraguan middlemen trawl villages offering finders $4,000 (£1,960) a kilo, said [a police chief] - seven times less than the US street value but a fortune to a fisherman."


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