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Thursday, November 29, 2007
Blue Whale Belated Update

Back in October Vice Squad mentioned the high-roller who was being pressed by a casino for two million pounds that they claimed he owed them. They have a strong case, but there is the problem that they didn't really try hard to collect the debt for nearly six years, until just before their legal claim would have expired. During those six years, the high-stakes gambler frequently patronised their club in a manner that was highly profitable to them. So from one perspective, the casino essentially provided credit to the "blue whale" -- and casinos cannot provide credit to gamblers in Britain.

At the time of the initial Vice Squad post, the gambler had lost his bid to have his debt annulled. Later in the month, however, a three-judge panel gave him permission to appeal, along with a lecture:
The history of the debt, Lord Justice Sedley said, "reflects no credit on either of them". Sir Anthony Clarke agreed that Mr Zayat had "an arguable defence", but added: "I have serious doubts as to whether the defendant has real, as opposed to fanciful, prospects of success."

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