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Tuesday, November 06, 2007
Drinking at School

A public secondary school in Cornwall, with students aged between 11 and 18, has acquired a liquor license, according to this article in The Guardian. The reason is to make dual use of the school's facilities: school auditorium by day, "Planets Arena" hosting musical events for the community at large by night. The Arena, along with other ways of raising funds and saving cash, is the brainchild of the school's business manager; he is also the British equivalent of a vice principal, though he has no teaching experience or qualifications. He seems to have a head for business, however:
"Schools can no longer rely on local authority and government funding alone. Instead of going round with a begging bowl, they should be using their premises 24/7 to make money to plough back in for the benefit of their pupils - and offer a service to the community as well," [the school's business manager] says.
The drinking age in Britain is 18, and the school, of course, does not serve to the underaged at its nighttime musical events.

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