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Wednesday, November 14, 2007
What I Have Been Up To

In the initial Vice Squad post of September 18, 2003, I noted that I had "recently started to write a secondary text" for my Regulation of Vice class. On June 6, 2005, Vice Squad entered a year and a half of semi-hibernation, which I claimed was undertaken largely "to devote myself to finishing up the book I have been composing (decomposing?) on vice policy." Today, about four and a half years after starting work on the book, I am happy to report that Regulating Vice has sprung (or stumbled) into existence. The Amazon page (for the paperback) is here.

There are no kind words from famous folks on the back of the book -- hmmm, was this intentional, or despite heroic efforts, was the publisher unable to conjure up such encomia? In any event, I will provide my own ringing endorsement of Regulating Vice: "All the tedium of Vice Squad, without the brevity." Everyone should buy a copy -- er, two copies, one hardback ($85 at Amazon, so appropriate for the library at Alexandria) and one paperback (for you, dear Vice Squad reader, only $29.99 at Amazon.) When I return to Chicago from the conference in New Orleans I'll have lots more to say about Regulating Vice; for now, though, I must dance.

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