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Sunday, December 09, 2007
Coffee in Kyiv

Vice Squad is relocating today, first to London and then to Kyiv. The loyal Vice Squad reader is concerned that sans Starbucks, it might be hard to stay properly caffeinated in Ukraine. Fear no more, comrade: Gloria Jean's has come to Kyiv.

Actually, one of the more obvious changes in Kyiv in recent years has been the burgeoning of coffee shops, as the linked article mentions. The Coffee House and Coffee Time chains are particularly prominent, and at least one of them (Coffee House, if memory serves) has pretty good food, too. One thing that is glaringly absent is a public smoking ban. While Vice Squad does not support such a ban, as the bans proliferate, those places that do not have them do begin to stand out.

The temporary relocation will lead to even less frequent blogging through the end of 2007, alas.

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