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Saturday, March 29, 2008
Aaland to Opt Out of EU Reform?

Ever since Vice Squad raised the alarm in February 2006, European Unionphiles have not been sleeping soundly for fear that the smokeless tobacco snus could lead to the unravelling of the EU. Sure, the signing of the Treaty of Lisbon (the watered-down replacement for the twice-popularly rejected European Constitution) in December of 2007 heartened the Unionists. But what will Aaland say? The semi-autonomous archipelago, officially part of Finland, though Swedish (and hence snusish) in culture, might choose not to ratify the Lisbon Reform Treaty! A treaty rejection in Aaland would not consign the Lisbon Treaty to a place next to its Constitutional predecessor on the ignominious trash heap of failed international agreements. As long as Finland and all the other state members of the EU ratify Lisbon, it will go into effect. But if Aaland opts against ratification, the treaty would not apply to Aaland, even as it would apply to the rest of Finland. Aaland would essentially be out of the EU, despite being part of a state that is (otherwise) an EU member. What discord follows?

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