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Thursday, April 26, 2007
The Blogosphere Becomes Wiser and Classier

Renowned economist Dani Rodrik, an old friend of Vice Squad, has started to blog. Welcome to the world of misplaced priorities, Dani; oh no, already checking your web traffic?

A link from Dani Rodrik's blog also alerts us to the fact that Rodrik is the first winner of the Albert O. Hirschman Prize. Congratulations to Dani and bravo to the selection committee. This news really pleases me because I have profited immensely from both of these scholars. My students are used to my lengthy encapsulations of some of Hirschman's notions, and my 2003 book was largely an application of Hirschman's ideas concerning exit and futility. Among the things I have learned from Dani is to be more assiduous in questioning how much of my faith (and the faith of other economists) in free markets and market-style solutions is just that, faith, as opposed to being an honest appraisal of the evidence.

Thanks to Tyler Cowen at Marginal Revolution for the pointer; Tyler in turn thanks Gregory Mankiw.

Speaking of the triumphs of old friends, though it deserves a post of its own, I will append it here. Co-blogger Mike was the first to inform me that another old friend, Susan Athey, was awarded the very prestigious John Bates Clark Medal, to the best American economist under the age of 40. Congratulations to Susan as well. [Now feeling guilty about underplaying the significance of Susan Athey's award. The Clark Medal is a recognition that her work is of the highest order, a fact that was already well-known within the economics profession. I am in awe of her abilities and accomplishments.]

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