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Friday, April 16, 2004
Does Patronizing an Adult Prostitute Merit Arrest?

The loyal Vice Squad reader will know that I agree with John Stuart Mill in thinking that adult prostitution per se should be legal for both prostitutes and johns. Reading the news stories of the latest rounds of prostitution arrests becomes so depressing. Upstanding citizens find themselves publicly embarrassed and saddled with a criminal record, while police officers engage in "duty" that has to be a lot more pleasant than investigating residential burglaries, though doesn't seem to add as much to the public welfare.

Today's contributions to the ongoing stream of unedifying reading include an article about a Philadelphia middle-school principal who will likely lose his job for patronizing a prostitute; the story of a former police chief in New Jersey arrested for attempting to start up a prostitution business; and a report on the dedicated job performance of police officers in Louisville, Kentucky, who managed to charge nearly a dozen people with prostitution after a SIX MONTH investigation involving strip clubs.

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