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Friday, April 30, 2004
What's Worse? Drunk Driving or Soliciting an Adult Prostitute?

The Millian in me tends to believe that the one that involves the greater potential harm to others might be the more serious infraction. But it certainly is far from clear that the school districts of our nation agree, at least when it comes to the behavior of their employees. Last week, a Philadelphia-area middle-school principal accused of soliciting resigned prior to a hearing (registration required) that likely would have resulted in his dismissal. (Earlier Vice Squad mention of this story is here.) A Connecticut high school languages teacher has been placed on paid administrative leave following his soliciting arrest. But today's Washington Post reports (registration required) that "The Alexandria [Virginia] School Board gave its support last night to Superintendent Rebecca L. Perry, voting 7 to 1 to stand behind her a week after she was charged with drunken driving... The board placed several conditions on her continued employment -- including shortening her contract by a year, to end in June 2005, and requiring her to enroll in an alcohol counseling program. But her contract, worth $168,000 a year, can be renewed."
(Thanks to primo research assistant Ryan Monarch for the pointer to the Post article.)

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